Automation & Control Engineering Service

In today’s changing business environment, Automation OEMs and System Integrators continue to explore to create a strong differentiator for themselves in the market place. The focus is to provide a balanced mix of product innovation on one end, and a packaged product sustenance support on the other. Time-to-market expectations along with a continuous pressure on R&D budgets add to the complexity. The industry is also in the middle of a wave of standardization that is partly driven by business need for systems to interoperate and partly due to government regulations. There is also a continuously increasing requirement from the end customers towards adaption of products that offer enhanced safety and are green in nature. How Southstar Can Help You

Southstar’s Automation & Control Practice has vast experience in the automation domain in the area of product design, software development and control system integration. Our clients include some of the leading Industrial Automation OEMs and Tier I suppliers.

Automotive Engineering Service

An automotive vehicle is going through rapid changes, evolving in the process, from a purely mechanical device to an increasingly intelligent means of transportation. While the change is driven by the OEM’s desire to offer competitively better vehicles packed with comfort, utility, etc. taking help of the disruptive innovations in electronics technology - increasingly available computational power at lower cost, explosion of wireless communication and integrated intelligent sensors and actuators, the change is also facilitated by stringent, compelling and conflicting mandates from “Energy, Environment, Safety, Congestion and Affordability” dimensions. Some of the features such as X-by wire, Airbags, Collision mitigation systems, Adaptive Cruise Control and the likes are only representatives of the huge spectrum of such emerging applications. However, the key challenge before automotive manufacturers is to meet the competitiveness - ‘to meet the performance, durability and cost’ while addressing issues such as :

  • Integration of the mechanical and the electronics
  • Combining entertainment, communication and navigation technologies
  • Coupling the world of electronics
  • Shrinking lifetime of electronic product (order of 2 years) with the automotive world- increasing lifespan of an automobile (order of 10 years)
  • Increasing electronics related defects in high end vehicles
  • Meeting the increasingly tighter Regulatory and Safety Norms

Consumer Electronic Engineering Services

Significant technology breakthroughs in personal devices and home entertainment solutions, converging technologies, along with robust broadband services have resulted in a tremendous demand for digital lifestyle devices like high-end televisions, in-home entertainment systems, mobile phones, digital cameras, media players. This global digital revolution has encouraged a race for advancements among product manufacturers. The competitive scenario has undergone a paradigm shift as Product Company’s focus more and more on introducing right products at the right time and leveraging disruptive and converging technologies to capture market share. To emerge winners in this fiercely competitive scenario, product companies are forced to find solutions for facing the enormous challenges in :

  • Increasing R&D efficiency
  • Reducing cost of product engineering and counter pressure on margins
  • Reducing time-to-market
  • Addressing consumer demands from various geographies simultaneously
  • Introducing unique products and constantly enhancing them with emerging technologies

Database Consulting IT Services

We focus on Database design and Database administration for DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL, MySQL Access and other emerging technologies. We also have strong resource pool and expertise in the database and server side development.

Enterprise Resource Planning Consulting IT Services

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is one aspect of a mature solution division that addresses three types of needs :

  • Mature ERP customers who want to improve their return on investment in ERP-associated maintenance and support
  • ERP customers that have realized the benefits of the transaction systems and want to expand it to areas like customer relationship management, supply chain management, and collaboration
  • Small and medium businesses who aim to have a first time implementation of an end-to-end ERP solution in a cost effective way

Our ERP services are directed to address all the three segments of the market. However, our ERP Service practice is developed to :

  • Focus primarily on our technologies of choice for ERP services- SAP R/3, Oracle eBusiness Applications Suite, and Microsoft Dynamics Products Suite
  • Four differentiated services that are comprised of training, integration, application maintenance and support (AMS) and implementation
  • Proven processes for outsourcing ERP Application Maintenance and Support (AMS)
  • Expertise in modern technologies like SAP Net weaver, SAP-APO and SAP-BW
  • Provide training and Proof of Concept (POC) solutions through the use of MS Dynamics and SAP R/3
  • Consistent framework for combining ERP solutions with other applications
  • A talented resource pool with vast experience in consulting, integration, and implementation
Web Technologies IT Services

Since the time the web became part of mainstream technology, it has changed the way business is done. Web-based eCommerce solutions create new opportunities, comprehensive operations, and smooth processes in all areas from procurement to payment processing. In addition to eCommerce, the web offers other unique opportunities such as social networking sites and eLearning applications. Our expertise in expanding processes to the web allows us to utilize our web solutions to help our clients improve processes and reduce the cost of operations. SOUTHSTAR’s business consulting services incorporate a wide range of technologies in order to offer high performance solutions in both eCommerce and eBusiness. As a result, our clients can offer high equality services that help them to maintain their competitive edge. At SOUTHSTAR, we develop and implement services and solutions that integrate with various business applications. We can offer solutions for several industries such as insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, retail, energy and utilities, and financial solutions.

Medical Devices Engineering Services

The Healthcare industry is witnessing unsustainable Healthcare costs coupled with high medical spending by Healthcare service providers in order to deliver quality Healthcare. In addition to containing costs, medical device vendors have to contend with numerous other issues such as meeting device regulatory requirements, developing new technology products, remaining competitive by effectively addressing issues of time-to-market, component/technology obsolescence, and addressing requirements of interoperability of devices with Information systems. With a view to address the concern of reducing Healthcare costs and the ever-increasing burden on Healthcare service providers, medical device manufacturers are involved in designing products for burgeoning home Healthcare & Personal care/testing devices, which are wireless-enabled devices. Vendors are also focusing on their core competency of developing new IP & outsourcing other non-critical functions to other companies. These activities are influencing a number of trends in the Healthcare industry, namely :

  • Digitization, networking and IT enabling of Healthcare processes
  • e-Health Initiatives such as Electronic Medical Records
  • Wireless enablement
  • Device-Enterprise integration
  • Growth in consumer directed Healthcare
  • Increased emphasis on efficient innovation
  • Reengineering products to make them more competitive, address component obsolescence and address needs of low-cost emerging markets
  • Global sourcing of medical product engineering/re-engineering, product verification & validation, manufacturing and ensuring regulatory compliance for both developed and emerging markets.

Mobile & Wireless Engineering Service

Significant technology breakthroughs in Mobile & Wireless technology, converging internet and communication technologies, along with robust broadband services have resulted in a tremendous demand for high end Mobile & Wireless products. This global digital revolution has encouraged a race for advancements in features like touch screen, GPS, WIFI, social networking, video streaming and mobile TV. Multiple services platforms, user interfaces and localization needs of mobile applications are on a rise. The competitive scenario is constantly evolving as innovative operating systems including open source gain popularity and manufacturers are leveraging disruptive and converging technologies to capture market share. In this unprecedented scenario Mobile & Wireless companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to address the following challenges :

  • Frequently changing market opportunities because of continuous demand for high-end features forcing mobile companies to introduce unique products
  • Convergence of Technologies – fueling agile innovation in mobile product and services development
  • Absence of standards in mobile applications and content management
  • Mobile application development and testing in multiple platforms
  • Fast pace of application development to access services like mobile TV, remote healthcare, business through mobile and others
  • Shortening product life cycle forcing players to reduce time-to-market

Office Automation Engineering Services

Increasing business complexity, cut-throat competition, dynamic global environments and a sharp eye on the cost–performance ratio is resulting in enterprises demanding for faster, smoother and easier technologies to reduce time and cost for processing digital media. This necessitates tremendous improvements in the office equipments like printers, scanners, facsimile, multi-function printers and point-of-sale machines. With advancements in digital information exchange as well as increasing demand for feature rich equipments, manufacturers face multiple challenges in :

  • Achieving continuous redefinition and reinforcement of product portfolio with feature rich products offering higher speeds, higher resolutions, bi-directional interface, plug-and-play capabilities, smaller product size
  • Offering cost-effective and creative products and solutions to lower power consumption and overall operational costs
  • Absence of standards in mobile applications and content management
  • Reducing overall product lifecycle costs by focusing on R&D efficiency and product development lifecycle
  • Deploying cost-effective engineering level product support.

Storage, Network & Computing Engineering Services

The Storage, Networks & Computing industry has seen phenomenal advances in the recent past like Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Global De-duplication, Continuous Data Protection, Solid State Devices, Multi Core Applications, Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), Gigabit networks, Terabyte disk capacities to name a few. These, coupled with advances in data-management standards and transport software, have ushered a new era of reliable, secure and easy-to-use systems. Customers of vendors providing Storage, Networks & Computing solutions are increasingly becoming aware of technology advances thus influencing their decision to seek robust solutions. To emerge winners in this fiercely competitive scenario, vendors are forced to find solutions for facing the enormous challenges in :

  • Increasing R&D efficiencies
  • Reducing cost of product engineering and counter pressure on margins
  • Reducing time-to-market, considering shorter product lifecycles
  • Managing dynamic requirements of cross functional expertise
  • Addressing consumer demands from various geographies simultaneously.
  • Staying ahead of competition by introducing unique products and constantly enhancing them with emerging technologies.